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Get $40 off with the PR Box, with pre-selected products just for you.

We have two versions.

The Vivid Box contains more bright colors and the Naked Box contains more nude colors.

You can click on each product to see them individually. Be sure to press the back bottom to continue.

PR Vivid Box contains:

* Tropical Summer Palette
* Brave Matte Lipstick
* Latina Matte Lipstick
* Conceited Matte Lipstick
* Verde Contacts
* Cappuccino Contacts
* Sandy Gloss
* Sheer Gloss
* Malibu Lashes
* Boujee Lashes
* Pink Brush Set

PR Naked Box contains:

•LUUM Palette
Electric Matte Lipstick
Bonita Matte Lipstick
Cosmo Matte Lipstick
Topaz Contacts
•Mel Contacts
•Champagne Gloss
•Snowflake Gloss
•Ray Lashes
•Summer Lashes
•Nude Brush Set